High Risk Merchant Account

 A High Risk Merchant account is a special account provided by banks to online businesses that have a high credit rate or a business that has a high turnover, large volumes of sales along with enhanced risk of fraud.

There is a horde of online services that ensure acquiring a high risk merchant account for the high risk businesses. Today there are a number of offshore merchant account providers providing such businesses with fully tailored merchant account services. These websites offer both high risk and low risk merchant accounts and credit card processing services for all kinds of businesses globally. Such services hold tie- ups with banks around the world to provide the best merchant account for high risk and low risk businesses anywhere. We also have an international gateway.

Businesses considered as high risk includes travel, adult, adult internet, amusement & recreation services, online casino and internet gambling providers, auto rental, lotteries, check cashing services, coin shops, collection agencies, dating, detective services, door-to-door sales, downloading of software and many more. Such an account can be procured from a domestic merchant account provider including a designated bank or a credit card processor or from any international or offshore agency involved in related activity.

A high risk or an offshore merchant account require some amount of a monetary deposit or requires the company to be in operation for a specific period of time. Such an account can be obtained with very limited hassles and requirements.

The charges/ rates applicable for are high risk merchant account are relatively higher compared to a standard merchant account. However, the offshore merchant account providers can assure that the setup fee is charged for the high risk merchant account whereas fees for the other type of accounts are very small, sometimes with no setup fee at all. They also assure speedy delivery of funds.

With rapid strides in telecommunication, offshore business process outsourcing is proving to be a valuable tool to many companies. Hiring a company that is located in another country may seem little odd, but it offers numerous advantages which the companies are quick to leverage. What started as outsourcing of low end IT jobs early in the 1990 has now involved in itself entire business processes like accounting and bookkeeping. And the value proposition of accounting outsourcing today encompasses many benefits and not merely savings in labor costs.

These can be surmised as under:

1) Access to scarce talent: Talent pool in countries like US are aging and shrinking. According to a Bureau of Labor statistics about 75 million baby boomers are nearing retirement while only30 million Gen X's can replace them. The situation is same for many European countries. In a situation like this; many companies are struggling to find the accounting talent at a reasonable rate. Off shoring bookkeeping processes solve the problem for them.

2) Transfer of costs and risk to service providers: Companies spend a lot in hiring, training and retaining staff. Then there is also the need of infrastructural facilities to be taken care of. Companies are happy transferring the cost and associated risks to offshore service providers who for obvious reasons,invest
heavily on staff development and governance programs. Companies are also thus spared of the vital management cost in running an in house accounting department.

3) Multiple services under single platform: Another great advantage that accrues to small sized businesses in particular is that a business owner has the choice of leveraging on the multiple services offered by these outsourced vendors.Since these firms specialize in small business accounting they also offer tax return services, payroll management, bank account reconciliation, financial reports,QuickBooks reports, etc. at a very moderate price. Any independent CPA would charge considerably for all these services.

4)Better utilization of financial resources: Through outsourcing tasks such as accounting and finance,companies can reduce financial risk by utilizing financial resources intelligently. For example a company need not spend on an in-house accountant when all that is needed is the service of a bookkeeper https://taxontario.ca. Outsourcing of accounting services gives the companies this flexibility of selection and better utilization of financial resources.

5)Reduced Overheads and great savings: Companies can save to the tune of fixed $50000 per annum by replacing an in house accountant with an outsourced one. Also fixed overheads like payroll expenses and employee benefits can be avoided.

There are multiple benefits associated with outsourcing of bookkeeping services. A Company enjoys not only increased savings but growth in efficiency and focus towards its core business. So it is always a win-win situation for a company resorting to outsource of bookkeeping

The Popularity of Ideal Casinos

The popularity of online casino gaming as a whole really started to gather momentum sometime between 1990 and 1992. Because the internet has made accessible numerous services and products to the public like they have never seen before, internet casinos such as ideal casino have seen a boom in their customer base. This seems to be the case every year as well.

Such a situation was inconceivable before then as there were a number of hurdles such companies had to overcome before making their services available to the masses. Even today, ideal casino is only legal in a number of countries as there are still some governments that are resisting such online activities. Some countries that have banned online gambling altogether include India, Russia, Israel and the United States of America.

The earliest casinos were a far cry from the global gambling giants that can be found in Macau, Las Vegas and Singapore. The types of games available were very limited and they looked quite different than the total entertainment package that we're used to today. The biggest casinos nowadays have incorporated fun for the entire family while their core revenue remains gambling. It is not unusual to have full theme parks on the casino grounds along with a variety of entertainment shows such as the cabaret.

The pioneers in the casino industry pushed the envelope further by finally making their foray onto the internet, which gave rise to a number of online gaming centers which include ideal casino. The idea came naturally as more and more people started becoming increasingly connected via the world wide web. The internet has a sizable portion of users that are interested in online gambling and it can be done without the hassle of travel and accommodations. A few clicks here and there is all it takes nowadays.

All the classic favorites were made available such as poker, blackjack, slots and roulette. As such, the industry boomed. With the availability of classic games through the internet, more and more people are willing to begin gambling online rather than at traditional casinos. This made way to pioneers in online monetary security companies such as Crypto Logic to develop and offer their services. The development of a safe method to exchange funds over the internet is one that cannot be overstated as it provided the framework for all other types of business transactions via the web.

Online casinos have managed to outdo themselves with the creation of what is known as "live dealer gaming". Live dealer gaming is essentially gambling through the internet with the assistance of a live dealer, as opposed to computer graphics that are typically used. This was done to bring a "live" feel to the customer as opposed to an electronic one that is completely made up of computer graphics. This is accomplished with the use of live video footage from a variety of cameras. Players can play with a real dealer in a casino from the comfort of their homes. There are a number of live dealer games available from roulette to Blackjack to Texas Hold'em Poker

Does Viktor Yuschenko now want a Czechoslovakia style split up of his country? What would be the next logical step for an ideologue after beating all records for the worst incumbent electoral showing (a jaw dropping 5% of the vote)? The past month demonstrated that perhaps he'd rather burn down the house if it will not be governed by his idealized notions of what Western reform means. Somebody as ideologically inflexible and stubborn against all odds or appeals to end human suffering (notice Ukraine's second depression in just 2 decades due to Yuschenko's damn the torpedoes insistence on Bush style market reforms) does not go away into the night easily. But more on that in a moment.

Hillary Clinton's hysterical ghost seems to have taken over Yulia Tymoshenko in the last few weeks. Tymoshenko has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Yanukovych who was wise enough to not fall for her bait. There is now evidence to believe a kitchen sink equivalent will now be thrown if her opponent wins. Yulia has projected her own desire for electoral fraud (her people briefly controlled a ballot printing plant before being removed by a judge) on Yanukovych to such a degree that a lot of her supporters now expect her to challenge the results regardless of the loss margin.

Unlike Tymoshenko, Hillary Clinton was not one of the richest oligarchs in the country (Yulia made enormous wealth in energy industry during Kuchma's era) or already holding a powerful political position that could be used to destabilize the country in case of a loss (Hillary's damage was largely contained within the democratic party). Although Yanukovych has a 10% lead, it is likely to be a close win. Ukrainians are too demoralized to stage a second Maidan but that wont stop Yulia from trying to destabilize the country again. After all it worked for her twice in the past and she has the financial resources and government megaphone to attempt mass strikes and rallies. Such mass protests in Western provinces are especially troubling in that they could spiral out of control and result in retreat of Kiev's power. Since many in the Western pro-Yuschenko provinces only view her as a lesser evil (Tymoshenko just learned Ukrainian language in 2000 to be able to thrive in politics), it is also possible she may lose control over her own creation if she sets it in motion.

Viktor Yanukovych has remained remarkably calm in the face of preemptive provocations. This is understandable in that if he reacts with similar hysteria, bloodshed really is possible in months to come. European Union and United States intelligence services should be careful in how much they crank the propaganda levels in support of Tymoshenko in the next few weeks considering E.U. already has enough on its plate with Greece and Spain. Washington DC's intelligence has still not recovered from humiliation in Georgia and Iran in recent years. A European country of over 40 million people that is in the middle of a severe depression and that is more ethnically/emotionally polarized than ever before is not the same toy to play with as it was in 2004. Of course we can't expect British media to not try to stir world opinion against Russia even if E.U./US propaganda machines do not go into same high gear as with Iran last summer or with Ukraine in last presidential elections.

Preemptive attempts at destabilization have not been limited to Tymoshenko. There are a few factors to suggest that Yuschenko may want to split the country now that the dream is dead (bringing Ukraine into EU to eventually create a tangible "new Europe" block along with still prometheist Poland and the Baltic states to begin to wrestle power away from Germany/France within the proportionally represented EU parliament):

1) Actually achieved success in the past when his duties were compatible with area of his knowledge (aping of Baltic economic shock therapy rather than governing)

2) Tasted actual popularity and the thrill of insurgent politics (the fact that Western intelligence services backed him financially and in the info war realm does not take away from the thrill he must have felt in being the figurehead of an eventually triumphant alliance)

3) Appears rather emotionally callous and unempathic even for a politician (he knew fully well that a huge multi-ethnic federal country with an artificial and unconsolidated nationality will not respond to economic shock therapy as well as a small relatively homogeneous country like Lithuania)

4) Tasted not only actual political power but the international support of the United States leadership along with briefly becoming a propaganda darling in deeply ideological Western media (who manage to turn entire countries into Potemkin villages at times)

In light of these, his going away decision (to make a former insurgent and Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera into a national hero) strikes an ominous tone. Considering that Ukrainians have now been living in Weimar republic style economic and political difficulty ever since Soviet collapse, all moves should have been made to take steps that ease tensions and potential for violence. Instead, Yuschenko has publicly equated Soviet Union's rule with Nazi rule and glorified a secessionist hero at a time when western Ukrainian provinces see a spike in popularity of hyper nationalist and often gleefully ethnic centered fascist parties (such as All Ukrainian Union-Svoboda party and crypto fascists that are readily allowed to be within the ruling coalition such as Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists).

[note: One must not use words like these lightly. The nationalism advocated by the fringe factions within the decaying corpse of the orange revolution is the primordial tribe rooted nationalism we saw in early 20th century Germany. This can be contrasted with the types of nationalisms (or perhaps more accurately supranationalisms) seen in USA, Russia, India, or China that officially emphasize a type of Lingua Franca melting pot unity for all regardless of racial or linguistic background). The primordial type stems from relatively recent acquisition of a nation state following a long period of weakness and political fragmentation of linguistically homogeneous people. Best examples of course are the experiences of Italian, German, and Polish people in 1850-1950 periods who emphasized unity of tongue for their new nations and a retroactively glorified semi-artificial past. Racial purity is not even a factor for recently unified people who lived on plains rather than well defended mountain heights.]

Some may argue that a people must first go through this linguistic phase of rabid nationalistic consolidation before they can move on to the more accepting supranational consolidation. Considering that many ethnic groups in India/China/Russia effectively skipped the former period, the more proper argument perhaps should be that people strong and/or violent enough to have won a nation state should pass this consolidating period rapidly before moving on. In this case, the experience of Ukraine qualitatively differs from experience of successful language based secessionists in the Baltic states and yet aspiring secessionist groups like Kurds. The separation of Ukrainian party bosses from Soviet Union in early 1990s was most definitely not the type of violent mono-linguistic secessionism Bandera engaged in. Besides their acceptance of 2 languages and active participation of many Ukrainian Russian speakers, it can effectively be argued that the separation was a reactionary move by regional conservatives to be less effected by liberalizing influences from Moscow. Periphery regions like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Texas, and Alaska tend to be a decade or two behind the socioeconomic developments of the older federal capitals. There was constant lag for things like industrialization, urbanization, perestroika when they arrived in Ukraine after their arrival in Russia. As Texas is showing us, there is also lag in resistance from political leadership who gain from preservation of the older order. Separatism is one form of such resistance and party bosses of Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan used it effectively. Linguistic purity of their regions was the furthest thing from their minds and was just used as a cynical political tool.

Kiev today is thus Moscow in 1990s. Orange revolution was dead on arrival the way Medvedev would have been if he magically replaced Putin in 2000 (and as foreigner brought proportional representation was in Iraq after toppling of Saddam Hussein's government) https://www.mediasnet.net/. A strongman is coming to Ukraine and it remains to be seen whether there will be one or more of them and whether there will be one or more Ukraines in years to come . Tymoshenko perhaps has more than just her ego at stake in this election since she has more than enough skeletons in her closet (her dealings within the energy industry following post-Soviet privatizations) for a new government to dig up and bring before the courts if needed.


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